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Web Design and Online Marketing

Have you been thinking about getting a website or a blog? The majority of people use the web everyday, and having a good looking site or blog is a great way to have a web presence. Then, let’s build it up with online Marketing including Facebook and Google Adwords.

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Screen Replacement

Something happened to your screen? Whether it’s a small crack or shattered glass, we can replace it for you. We replace both android and apple for an affordable rate. We are fair and honest with our craft and are eager to help you with get your phone back to pristine condition

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Computer running slow? Have a nasty Virus? Maybe you just need help getting your printer to work. We want to be your tech guys! We make sure you are all set-up. We can optimize your computer and clean it up for you to enjoy and use like it is meant to be.

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Custom Built Computers

Do you feel confident in buying your self a computer that will fit both your needs and your budget? Let us build you a computer tailored to you, and often at a better price than local retail dealers.

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Mendo TechNet helps Technology and normal people work together. We know that not everyone knows how to hook up a printer, and we won't charge you a hefty fee to do it for you. We help you understand your technology and use it efficiently, without the expensive cost. We ask to be your "Tech Guys", always a call away from getting you to wherever you need to be.

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